WELLNESS KIT (Health management program )

  • for those who are thin and lean and malnourished  and very prone to get sick and lifthreatning illness
  • for  school going children,  patients suffering from  chronic lung disease , chronic intestine disease , bed ridden patients ,patients  suffering from chronic diseases ,  orthopedic patients , pregnant ladies .

Eptizo syrup bottle 450 ml each 1+1
Two 15 days diet plan 250 rs each 

 16.62 $  (Rs. 999)

Recommendation of proper exercise either of aerobics , gymnastics , weight lifting , out door games , walking , running , swimming , household works according to your body types or disease like diabetes, thyroid , pcod , hormonal imbalances

Useful for

  • Body weight and mental strength, by promoting proper growth and memory power
  • Be healthy and chronic disease free, like urinary, digestive, respiratory disease
  • Nourish you intrauterine baby during pregnancy
  • Recover fast from long term illness, during hospitalization, post traumatic or post operative bed rest, during home based long term treatment
  • Be relieved from mental stress and have happy sleepy night, stress free life
  • It provide antioxidant and rejuvenation by promoting immunity power
  • Helps in quitting alcohol and other dependant drugs
  • Improve body's digestive system and helps to maintain appetite and weight.