FITNESS KIT (Weight management program) (age between 15 to 55)

3 month Metadin cpsule course
15 days diet plan 250 rs each 

 59.87 $  (Rs. 3600)

Specialized diet plan will cost up to 750 rs per plan

Recommendation of proper exercise either of aerobics, gymnastics, weight lifting, out door games, walking, running, swimming, household works according to your body types or disease like diabetes, thyroid, pcod, hormonal imbalances

  • It increases basal metabolism rate and there by helps in weight loss
  • Prevent further fat deposition keeping BMR at high level.
  • It lowers body cholesterol level and further prevent from coronary artery disease , myocardial infarction, hypertension, cardiovascular stroke, and paralysis
  • Regular exercise level boosts your metabolism level and speed up weight loss process
  • Proper diet plan with adequate supplementary vitamins and calcium prevent from any crash diet diseases and keep you healthy during whole dieting periods
  • Balanced diet and regular exercise and Metadin capsule intake keeps you fit and healthy.
  • Keeps digestive system clean, constipation free and disease free
  • Balances your hormonal level and boosts immunity.

Weight management products should be used in conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise regime.