How does it work?

If you’re looking for a medically-based program with weight loss that works, our HEALTHVISION FITNESS PROGRAM is proven to assist you lose weight in a safe, sustainable, long-term way.

With all of our HEALTHVISION programs, you can expect to receive only the highest quality of professional medical advice regarding your weight and health. Because our team consists of qualified health and medical professionals – so you will achieve a healthier, happier, more confident you.

Our programs achieve improvements in personal health and disease prevention through personalised dietary, medical, exercise and psychological consultations.

How long the programs are and how much can I expect to lose?

The length of program depends on your goal of weight loss, you can expect 2 to 3 kg weight loss per month with our program.

Are HEALTHVISION programs appropriate for people with diabetes?

At present we do not provide weight loss services to diabetic patients till our network of clinics establishes. You can have this services from our accredited panel expert doctors and hospitals.

Do I get a meal plan and can you cater for dietary needs such as gluten or dairy intolerance?
We will provide you two 15 day meal plan, you can ask us any time your dietary intolerance.
Can you tell me more about meal replacements?
AT healthvision, we believe in low calorie intake without nutritional compromise and regular aerobic workout to achieve planned goal oriented weight loss results. Weight loss takes time so be patience and do regular work out follow ups. Till today all claims regarding weight loss are failed still there is history of successful people, try to know them how they did it. Simple formula.
Diet modification Calorie reduction Lifestyle modification Regular workout
Do I have to use meal replacements?
No much more, you have to have the food from your kitchen, we may prescribe allopathic multivitamins pulse multi mineral drug and protein powder to balance your nutritional need during active weight loss program. During maintenance program only our herbal capsule , balanced diet with daily calorie requirement and regular aerobic workout would be suffice.
Do you have a maintenance program?
We do have maintenance program for health conscious people.
I am considering bariatric surgery; can your programs help me?

We help to loss weight up 25 to 30 kg on long term bases of medically and co-operative patient. We may suggest bariatric surgery if your body needs to lose more weight. Our program is not helpful for those patients seeking bariatric surgery.

Where are you located?
Presently we are situated in metro cities of Gujarat, would be quickly available in your metro city as we are following franchisee model. Even though you can always visit us online to have best services from us. Weight loss is not quick fix, and we do not provide any kind of guaranty or warranty, weight loss result varies person to person. We are providing genuine consultation and medical help to obese patient to get their fitness back.
Are you associated with the various Hospital?
Yes, we are presently associated with Gujarat based larger scale medical organisations, we are growing fast and soon would be associated with major hospital and medical organisations of the county